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General Pest - Residential

Nobody wants unwanted guests in their house so let MASH Pest Solutions rid your home of all pests from spiders, cockroaches, rodents, ants, termites and more.


MASH Pest Solutions prides itself on providing the most thorough and comprehensive general pest, rodent and termites services to give your family the peace of mind of a home free of creepy crawlies.


The MASH Pest Solutions technicians are fully qualified and highly professional and experienced specialists in all treatments on all residential premises from the standard home to larger sprawling properties.


Our General Pest process takes between 1½-2 hours to complete and are among the most detailed on offer. The service covers all areas of the home from roof to subfloor and everywhere in between.


MASH Pest Solutions treat all external surfaces by spraying every inch of brickwork, eaves, fence-lines, garden areas, bins, outdoor furniture, inside weep holes and all other areas pests like to reside. Give us a call - you won't be disappointed.





Safety Recommendations Prior to Treatment


  • While all products used by MASH Pest Solutions are safe, it is recommended that all people and pets vacate the premises for at least 2-3 hours to allow the treatment to dry.

  • Prior to treatment, it is advised that all washing is removed from clotheslines to avoid drift, pet food bowls are removed or located and furniture is pulled away from walls where possible.

  • All bird cages and fish tanks or ponds must be covered before treatment to eliminate the possibility of product causing any unexpected harm.

  • Advise neighbours of impending General Pest treatment before service to allow time for them to arrange relocation of pets, close windows and remove washing from clothesline.

Tips To Maintaining a Pest-Free Environment

  • Minimise stored items in kitchen and improve storage of food and other items on pantry floor, in kitchen and garage.

  • Store food items in air-tight containers and bags whenever possible to avoid the direct transfer of cockroaches in cardboard boxes from shop to pantry.

  • Clean and tidy home, kitchen and garage regularly to reduce possible food sources and harbourage areas.

  • Always ensure internal rubbish bin is covered, emptied daily and washed with warm water and disinfectant every week.

  • Regularly clear spider webs around all internal and external areas of home or business at least once a month.

  • Never leave baits open and exposed when performing DIY rodent baiting as this is highly dangerous to children and pets and can also attract other general pests.


Keep your customers in and the unwanted visitors out - let MASH Pest Solutions keep your business pest-free.


Image is everything in business and maintaining a clean, hygienic and healthy environment is key to its success.

Whether your issue is with German cockroaches, ants or rodents, MASH Pest Solutions will implement a pest management plan using the safest and most effective products and procedures to suit your staff, your business and your customers.

Don't wait until the pest infestation has been established - Stay ahead of the curve and let MASH Pest Solutions ease your concerns by maintaining your high standards with regular pest treatments. 



Tips to Minimising Pest Infestations for your Business 

  • Unpack all delivered stock boxes outside whenever possible to avoid transporting cockroaches into your business.

  • Hygiene - Ensure all spilled food and dirty dishes are cleaned away immediately.

  • Always secure rubbish in sealed containers.

  • Operate the dishwasher regularly to avoid cockroaches invading idle machines in search of food, warmth and moisture.

  • Store pet food away overnight and in sealed containers.

  • Seal any leaks and sources of moisture that may attract infestation.

  • Seal any entry points suck as cracks and crevices

  • Try to avoid storing cardboard boxes in workplace.

  • Maintain a high level of awareness for egg cases in cardboard boxes to minimise a common source of infestation.

General Pest - Commercial

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