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The mere mention of Termites can strike fear into many home owners but with MASH Pest Solutions by your side you’ll be armed with the necessary knowledge and solutions for any situation.

The cost of termite damage to homes and buildings in Australia is estimated to be well in excess of $100 million each year and is not covered by insurance so avoid the unnecessary risk and call MASH Pest Solutions to book a Termite Inspection today.

Termites once shared the planet with dinosaurs over 250 million years ago and are one of the busiest creatures on earth; working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while eating through around 7 billion tonnes of plant matter each year so don’t let your house become another statistic.

If you suspect you may have termite activity of have noticed termite leads in or near your house or property then DO NOT disturb them and call MASH Pest Solutions immediately.

Every home should have a Termite Inspection carried out at least once every 12 months in accordance with the Australian Standard recommendations to ensure you and your family have the peace of mind you deserve.

MASH Pest Solutions offers a thorough inspection process along with a number of termite solutions to treat any activity and protect your property from possibility of future invasion.

Termite Inspections

At MASH Pest Solutions, we offer a professional and thorough inspection processes available from roof to subfloor and everywhere in between to fence lines, gardens and surrounding areas around your property.

Our non-invasive procedure usually takes around 2-3 hours to complete and involves a visual inspection of all walls and timbers while also using a donger and moisture meter to assist in locating any inconsistencies in the structure that may require further analysis for possible termite activity.

Our findings are documented in a clear, easy to read and understand electronic report which also includes detailed images to illustrate any areas of concern and recommendations moving forward.

If further treatment is required, MASH Pest Solutions will also compile a unique management proposal which will outline a suggested treatment plan tailored to suit your own unique situation.



***Call 0419 208 554 to book your annual Termite Inspection***



Termite Control


There are a number of different termite control methods available including Chemical or Conventional Barrier Treatments and Termite Baiting Systems.


Chemical Treatments, Conventional Barrier Treatments and Termite Baits are the most common procedures to control termites.

Chemical Treatments involve the drenching of soil around and underneath buildings high volumes of termiticide to establish a 'treated zone' that helps to minimise the chances of termites gaining access by travelling through the soil and up the footings.

Chemical Treatments are designed to prevent concealed entry into the building rather than kill termites and their colonies.


Failure to form a continuous treated zone would open gaps in the treatment and open up the possibility to termites still gaining entry.


Termite activity to surrounding areas such as landscaping timbers also remains a possibility. 

Conventional Chemical Treatments usually employ repellent chemicals which allow the termites to detect the treated zone and avoid the area completely. 

                                                               The more modern termiticides are non-repellent chemicals and are undetectable                                                                        which increases the chances of termites entering treated zones and becoming                                                                             contaminated - lowering the risk of termites foraging through untreated areas.

                                                                MASH Pest Solutions is an accredited user of Fipforce HP - the most advanced non-                                                                    repellent formulation in Australia.

                                                                Fipforce HP incorporates minute non-repellent particles in the soil where termites                                                                         unknowingly enter treated zones and collect product molecules which they then                                                                          distribute through the colony and begin the process of colony eradication.


                                                                Click the button below for a short video and information about how Fipforce works.







Termite Baiting Systems consist of plastic stations placed approximately 3 metres around the perimeter of the building.


These stations are installed with an attractant to entice termites into the stations where they are then baited and left to digest the poison before they return to the main nest to spread it and eradicate the colony.


Baiting systems can be applied to a variety of construction types and conditions, are resistant to weather as they are not affected by flooding and do not use chemicals, safe for children and pets as the bait is non-toxic and are also environmentally friendly because the bait is specially designed only for termites.



                                                               MASH Pest Solutions is a fully accredited installer of Exterra termite bait stations.

                                                               The Exterra termite interception and baiting system is a state of the art program and                                                                   the only baiting system that creates a complete termite interception zone around your                                                                 home.

                                                               Exterra has been on the market longer than any other system available and boasts a                                                                   proven track record that guarantees termite infestation elimination and protection of                                                                     your home - giving your family the luxury of full protection against future termite attack.

                                                                Click the button below for a short video and more information about how Exterra                                                                          termite interception and baiting system works.                                 





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